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A few words regarding writer-producer, Dylan Thomas Good:

Dylan Thomas Good was the result of a science experiment in late 1973, which took place somewhere near a bioengineering laboratory at the University of Pittsburgh.  


What was meant as a hybrid of Captain Morgan and Grizzly Adams resulted nine months later in a quiet, chubby sprite of a baby with fair hair, deep brown eyes and a strong Celtic background, this meaning he would grow up to become a prodigious drinker who looked good in a kilt.


For years, he roamed the land in search of adventure, knowledge and some really good boots.  


Over the past four decades, he's cut a swath across the world, leaving a fevered wake of bawdy lust, leather, libations, laughter and Long John Silver's chicken plank wrappers. 


To this day, adventure still follows wherever he goes, and though he’s since forgotten the knowledge, he at least still has the boots.


Mr. Good currently lives on the shores of Washington State with his husband, Jim, and a pet Firebird named "X Offender".




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