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...And the party hasn’t even started yet!


The blue-collar workers of LeisureFace Timeshare Condominiums just found out their jobs are on the chopping block due to a corporate takeover. Even worse, it’s all being orchestrated by their greedy CEO, who's guaranteed a cushy retirement once the sale pans out.  


Seeing the upcoming company Christmas party as their last chance to get even, the soon-to-be-unemployed staff members jump into action to show they aren’t going quietly!  


As they prepare to blow apart their scumbag CEO’s perfect plan, the team comes together as friends, giving one another the courage to break their self-destructive patterns--their ‘loops’--and finally achieve their dreams.   


So, come visit LeisureFace...where everyone knows everyone, and secrets don’t stay hidden for long!

DTG on THE LOOP - "I truly see THE LOOP as the Great American Novel. The problem is that America has become a vastly different place since the likes of Hemingway, London, Faulkner, and Melville. One thing that hasn't changed? If you have a job, you have a boss. Period. The pecking order is infinite and it'll be that way for a long, long time to come. In every single professional setting across the world, it comes down to a schism best described as 'us versus them'. Haves, have-nots. Good, evil. But sometimes, our battles can be fought with the most unassuming weapons--a camera, a toilet plunger, handcuffs, tarot cards, whatever. There's a secret formula for staging a rebellion and it's beautifully simple: if you never view yourself as a victim, you won't give away your power. "

France: a restless land of light, sensuality and danger. A place where fire dances at the feet of Joan of Arc, artistic jealousy erupts, and Napoleonic soldiers vow vengeance from beyond the grave. A distinctive nation where sumptuous excess brushes against a biography pulsing with art, cuisine, religion, and eroticism.


And now, with the turn of a page, its history can be yours.


All the mystery, madness and magic of LANTERNS IN THE WINDOWS is back, so step down the bank, feel the icy water get deeper, and go SWIMMINGINSEINE. 

DTG on SWIMMINGINSEINE - "Much like some kind of unplanned pregnancy, SWIMMINGINSEINE wasn't supposed to exist. I had sired my poetic son, LANTERNS IN THE WINDOWS, and that was that. The same inspiration swept me along again, but this time, it gave me a detour over the English Channel to the land of fizzy wine and l'amour. I wrote the collection in a delicious fever, knowing damn well the ride was over when I reached the end of 'Oracle'. Thankfully, my poetic tank went dry only after I came up with what I felt was some of my most well-rounded work. The regret of 'The Mossy Green Water' was ultimately triumphant,  the scarred perspectives of 'Washerwoman' and 'Presents for the Marrying Couple' lifelike. And 'Collections of I', which was originally a 90-minute screenplay idea, was distilled into four pages of poison-minded satisfaction. That could possibly be the best thing I've written. So far, at least." 

DYLAN THOMAS GOOD is about to take you on an extraordinary journey through time.  You’ll visit sinister and enchanting places where Vikings vow oaths, witches burn, and musket fire rages in the thick of the Revolutionary War.

From the creeping, back-alley steps of Jack the Ripper to dark, ceremonial magic conjured by ancient Druids, LANTERNS IN THE WINDOWS celebrates the rich and mystical ancestry of the British Isles.

DTG on LANTERNS IN THE WINDOWS - "Though I gravitate towards certain genres and types of writing, there's a part of me that wants to master being a jack of all literary trades; yes, even poetry.  LANTERNS IN THE WINDOWS isn't just about what you'd expect it to be: witches, treason, and black death in the fog of night. Sure, it's about all that and, granted, that stuff is poetic gold! But it's also a celebration of wonder, rebellion, and ancestry. The anchor of the book, one called 'Intent', is about the compromises of true love and, let's face it, there's nothing more poetic than that."

Job leads, prescription medication and days until eviction are all in short supply for Carl Danielson. His aspiring filmmaker of an ex-boyfriend, Dwayne, shows up a year after their break-up, offering his destitute former flame $25,000 for the lead in a low-budget feature. There's a catch, though--the film is based on their relationship.


Soon, it's ''lights, camera, chaos'' as Carl and Dwayne expose the past year of their separate lives to one another--the broken, nightmarish secrets culminating in a finale even Hollywood could never imagine.

DTG on WOOF - "I wanted to write something that was self-contained within the ‘bear’ community, but also had a common touch. WOOF is something that could have had two lesbian characters, two straight characters or any combination, but, in the end, the message is the same: once you love someone and they love you, you’re imprinted. That person you love becomes part of you. And the faster you try to run from that, or attempt to cut it out of yourself, the faster it’ll grow and destroy you."
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