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DTG on “Zombie With A Shotgun”: 


Zombies are everywhere these days, figurative and literally. They're on cell phones.  They're in government.  They're on television.  They're playing with their cell phones IN government and ON television, all at the same time!  People have zombie apocalypse stickers on the back of their SUVs.  Let's face it, we now live in a panicked, reactionary world where "Lucille" no longer refers to B.B. King's guitar.  Needless to say, marauding, consuming terrors are the perfect poster boys for the 21st century.  


Hilton Ariel Ruiz is bringing the ZWAS cottage industry to its logical next step.  First, a web series, then a graphic novel, now a feature film, and, hopefully soon, underwear and Happy Meals!  


Get ready, folks...zombies are packin'!


DTG on “I Am Santa Claus” – A buddy of mine in Dallas mentioned a call-back he received for a documentary film. It was about fellows who play Santa and what they do in the off-season. He landed the gig and mentioned that they needed investors, and I was sick of my watching my savings account net eleven goddamned cents a month in interest.  Suddenly, a light bulb went off in my head, and I knew I wanted in on this. I mean, who doesn’t like Santa Claus?... 

Everyone thinks of Santa Claus as a magical figure without flaws, but the men who keep his legend alive, real-bearded professional Santas, are nothing like the jolly ol' Saint Nick we've all grown up knowing. In reality, the mall Santa in your cherished children's photo has problems just like the rest of us. Even the jolliest of men fall victim to divorce, job loss, insecurity and even the occasional hangover.


I AM SANTA CLAUS (featuring Hall of Fame Wrestler, Mick Foley) is a documentary that follows the lives of five real-bearded professional Santa Clauses as they anticipate and prepare the coming holiday season while showing them for who they actually are; flawed, flesh and blood men who feel an overbearing responsibility to protect the integrity of the spotless, untarnished reputation of the "Red Suit."

(film summary courtesy of Virgil Films & Entertainment)

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