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A Publishing PSA from DTG - Fall, 2021   

In order to let the winds of change do their thing, you sometimes have to let them blow away the past. Therefore, I'll be taking all of my previously-published books out of print over the next few months. Worry not, they'll be reborn in the future in new 'n' wonderful ways! Also, for all of you who followed my "Woof" page on Facebook, please know it will be getting deleted soon, as this novel will enjoy all-new promo and social media outreach when it resurfaces again like a Phoenix from the ashes--whoo! 

For now, though, I'm in the final stages of editing for my next big release, THE LOOP, and will start throwing out wonderful bits about it here and on Twitter soon. Stay safe, y'all, and know I'm thinking about you!


Meanwhile, it's back to work for me! 

All the Best --


The Big, Hairy Fellow in the Boots

Dylan Thos. Good