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It's time for DTG and his big bag of updates!  


We made it through 2020, and I *know* we're all looking forward to the mysteries of 2021. Here's to having a healing, positive year full of drunken orgies and miscellaneous revelry! Whoo!

It recently dawned on me that I haven't have a book out for three years now. Considering all of the effort I've been putting out behind the scenes, this was a sobering statistic that I fully plan to remedy in 2021, damn it! Right now, I'm sitting on six (not five, not seven, SIX) completed projects that need to be produced or published, either by traditional means or via the help of those wondrous folks at Amazon. (Crafty lot, they are.) Therefore, my resolution to you is to get something new released--or very close to it--in the new year.  Lots of work to do, and I want you all by my side as it happens!



The Big, Hairy Fellow in the Boots

Dylan Thos. Good


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